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640 Ah of Lithium

725w of solar

3KVA inverter

60 litres of under slung gas

LPG Incinerator toilet

When it comes to power storage, maximise your budget. The more storage you have the longer you can stay off grid, and the more you can power. On this Swift Kontiki we installed 640AH using two 320AH EcoTree lithium batteries. These were connected in parallel and supplied a Victron 3KVA Multi plus

Kontiki Inverter

On the roof we managed to fit 725w of solar. This array was made up up using a single 425w panel and two 150w panels. This array was controlled by two Victron MPPT charge controllers.

Kontiki power management

We installed two 30 litre under slung gas tanks, these were connected to single filler. The level of the tanks could be viewed on the Victron GX touch installed inside the van.

As this motorhome was going to be used primarily off grid, the customer did not want to visit camp sites to empty their cassette toilet. To overcome this problem we installed a Cinderella Incinerator toilet. This toilet uses gas flame to incinerate the waste, it is so efficient that a family of 4 will produce only about a cup full of ash every week, this ash can simply be put in the bin.

Cinderella Incinerator toilet

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