Power Management

Battery Management

At RV Installations we are constantly searching for the best power management products on the market. We have been working with Victron Energy for a number of years, this is due to the reliability and functionality of Victron Products. Victron offer a 5 year standard warranty, this can now be upgraded to a market leading 10 years warranty at the point of purchase.

We have now started installing Victron power management products alongside the Transporter Energy Lithium-ion battery which also has 10 years warranty.

This means we are able to offer 10 years warranty on the products used in the installation!

Significant advances in battery technology are changing the way people think about portable power. Transporter Energy lithium-ion phosphate industrial batteries are the safe, reliable and efficient way to power your leisure time, from motorhomes, caravans and boats to horseboxes.

The future of mobile power has arrived. Lithium-ion technology has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern power management installations. As the power demands increase you will need a battery that can reliably supply your usage.

Lithium-ion is the most cost effective way to achieve this. Transporter Energy lithium-ion batteries have almost 100% depth of discharge and a 13-year lifespan. Although there is still a high upfront cost, due to the number of discharges that can be achieved from a Lithium-ion battery, this now makes them cheaper compared with an AGM over the lifetime of the battery.

Extensive research and testing ensures Transporter Energy batteries achieve the highest levels of safety and consumer confidence.

Plug in and replace

Fitting your new lithium-ion battery couldn’t be easier. Far superior in every way, Transporter Energy batteries are a standard size and use universal connections, so they are straightforward to swap for lead-acid units.
These batteries charge 12 times faster than a traditional battery and have a rugged, sealed casing makes them durable and suitable for use in a range of different environments. No maintenance is necessary and with a lifespan of up to 10 times that of a traditional battery, you really can plug in and go!