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We were asked to supply a battery system to supply enough power to reliability run medical breathing equipment over night in a motorhome.
As the medical equipment could be operated using a 12v supply it was not necessary to install an inverter. We removed the original battery from under the driver’s seat and replaced it with a Transporter Energy Lithium battery, we also fitted a 2nd Lithium battery under the passenger seat giving a total of 200ah.
As the customer preferred to stay on camp sites with no hook up, we also upgraded the split charge on his motorhome using a Victron Cyrix relay and 40mm squared cable. This mean that if his batteries had become depleted, he could drive the motorhome for a few miles and add enough charge to run the machinery overnight. With the split charge upgrade it is possible to charge the batteries at 100 amps, so it does not take them long to charge.
As the BMS on the Transporter Energy batteries is world leading, it is not necessary to change the battery charger installed in the motorhome as the batteries will accept this charge. This means that you do not have to go to the additional expense of unnecessarily purchasing additional chargers on a simple battery swop installation.
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