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The Knaus Boxdrive based on the MAN TGE is a very compact, well designed campervan. There is limited storage space and roof space, so the request for a Victron 3KVA system, with 600AH of Victron Smart Lithium batteries, 400w of solar and an air conditioner was a big ask! But we are always up for a challenge, below is what we achieved.

Knaus Boxdrive

finding space for the power management was challenging! luckily Knaus had left a considerable void behind, and above the original CBE power system, we were able to reconfigure this space.

The only place we were able to install the Victron Multiplus 3KVA was in the open faced cupboard, so it had to look good

Knaus Boxdrive power management

We were able to reconfigure the CBE components and relocate them to the empty hatch above. this made it possible to easily access the mains consumer box and the habitation fuses. We also needed to re-route the hot air ducting, this can be seen in the back of the cupboard.

Knaus Boxdrive

Safely installing a 3KVA inverter at 12v is challenging, to correctly install the unit you need to ensure that no wiring connections are able to get hot, this is due to the expansion and contraction of the connection, if it gets hot the securing nut can self loosen. This is a particular problem at the fuses as this is a point of high resistance, the use of Mega fuses in this size installation is a absolute NO, as they create too much heat. The use of ANL fuses is a must, but at a possible constant draw of 250 amps, even ANL fuse get hot, that is why we split the loads.

The system was controlled by a Victron Cerbo, and everything was displayed on a GX touch

We were also able to squeeze 400w of solar on the roof, this array was made up using 2x 150w panels and 1 x 100w panel on the front of the roof. These 2 different panel types were controlled by 2 separate Victron MPPT charge controllers.

We also installed a Dometic FJ2000 on the roof, due the amount of solar and storage, this can be run almost non stop from batteries when required. Is it possible to run an Aircon from batteries, yes it is providing your system is designed well.

Knaus Boxdrive air conditioning

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