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Due to the extra ground clearance of the 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter based Hymer, there can be excessive body roll in corners. A great way to fix this is to fit semi air suspension. Goldschmitt offer a Semi Air option for this vehicle, but VB offer Semi Air and Full air for the Hymer 4×4. We are able to install all these systems.

A Semi Air system involves installing air bags on top of the leaf springs, these are inflated using a compressor to assist the current suspension. Additional strengthening of the chassis is required. You are able to alter the pressure of the bags from the dash mounted control system, this comprises of two switches and two gauges, where the individual bag pressure can be viewed and adjusted.

It is also possible to raise and lower the rear end, to give additional ground clearance, or to assist with loading.

Full air suspension is different from Semi Air as you remove the leaf springs and replace them with air bags. On the Mercedes Sprinter it is only possible to install Full Air on the rear of the vehicle. the front suspension configuration does not allow air upgrades.

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