Goldschmitt Road Springs

Suspension upgrade for overloaded front axles of motorhomes, vans and commercial vehicles.

Commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Fiat, Ford, and Iveco. are not primarily constructing their chassis to make it a motorhome, industrial or ambulance vehicle. The vehicle chassis are designed as a simple and convenient cargo donkey.

For example, when Ducato, Transit, Daily, and the other vehicle models are converted into a motorhome, sales vehicle, or TV broadcasting van, the following often happens: Chassis are often overwhelmed and overloaded with the heavy-duty bodywork. Especially in vehicles with high front axle load, the front coil springs are stressed so much that they tire very quickly and are no longer able to cope with their tasks.

The vehicle literally goes to its knees and hits hard on the on the suspension stoppers which can make it very uncomfortable for the occupants and can damage the delicate interior. A deterioration in ride comfort is usually associated with the fatigue of the original spring.

Goldschmitt reinforced coil springs

Goldschmitt reinforced coil springs are used in exchange for the overloaded standard springs. This allows your vehicle front axle to be raised by several centimetres. This significantly improves ride, comfort and safety. Potholes and road bumps are absorbed again and sensitive furniture and fixtures is protected. But not only comfort and handling can be optimized by Goldschmitt springs. 

Innovative solutions for Mercedes Sprinter and VW Crafter

Motorhomes and vans are not only different from each other externally. The front axle on most vehicles are fitted with coil springs, on certain models of Mercedes Sprinter and VW Crafter they use transverse leaf springs.

Goldschmitt offer an innovative solution for the Sprinter and the identical VW Crafter: An additional coil spring, which is installed above the standard shock absorber, supports the transverse leaf spring and raises the nose of your vehicle by several centimetres. As a result, the ride comfort is significantly improved, reduces the tendency to roll and positively influenced the driving behaviour.

By installing uprated front springs and rear air suspension it is possible to upgrade the payload of your vehicle.  To get the most out of your motorhome it is possible to install the SprinterPLUS package, this package includes front coil springs, air springs for the rear axle, wheel spacers and aluminium wheel rims.