Goldschmitt Motorhome Levelling

Hydraulic Self-levelling systems

At the press of a button Goldschmitt Self-levelling automatically puts your vehicle on a completely level plane without any fuss.

It is the only system available today that has a built in safety mechanisms that lock the legs in place making the system safe so you can work underneath the vehicle whilst it is up in the air.

During the winter or at times when the vehicle is storage it can be left lifted taking the weight off you tyres and suspension.  As an added security measure Goldschmitt levelling allows you to PIN protect the retraction of the levelling jacks.

Manual over-ride allows the operator to lift either side or either end of the vehicle simply by holding down a single button, great for changing punctured tyres or draining a waste tank.

The quality features of the Pro series at a glance.

    • Perfect stand with four hydraulic jacks
  • Available for vehicles from 3.5 to 24 tons

  • Various designs and lengths available

  • Up to 4.5 tons carrying capacity per lifting support

  • Special versions up to 10 tons carrying capacity possible

  • Retrofitting in almost all motorhomes

  • Easy installation thanks to prefabricated adapters

  • Reduced weight due to hollow bored piston rods

  • Central, protected pump unit

  • Powerful electric motor: 12/24 V, 600W

  • Hydraulic unit with up to 6 liters tank volume

  • Innovative operating options: Basic, Comfort, iLift

  • Fully automatic leveling at the touch of a button

  • Torsion-free, body-leveling

  • Manual control of the jacks if necessary

  • Pre-programmed positions (Comfort, iLift)

  • Integrated hose rupture protection on the cylinder head

  • System safety through thermal switch and pressure sensor

  • When the engine starts, the jacks automatically retract

  • Tear-resistant cable routing

  • Double sealed piston guide

  • 2/2-way seated valve, double locking

  • Valve technology with highest degree of protection: IP69K

  • Diagnostic capability through CAN bus technology

  • Emergency operation by means of standard hand pump

  • Mobile base plates (depending on version)

  • Suitable and approved for tire changing

  • System can be used as an PIN protected immobiliser

  • EMC-tested (electromagnetic compatibility)

  • Can be combined with Goldschmitt full air spring systems

  • No TÜV approval required

  • Made in Germany

Full performance with four channels.

Goldschmitt offer movable support plates for their lifting support systems.

These adapt optimally to the ground – even if this should not be straight.

In the standard version, the plates are delivered with a diameter of 230mm.

Optionally, smaller versions with 160 mm diameter are available.

Central hydraulic unit: Sometimes less is more.

In the early nineties Goldschmitt brought out the first hydraulic jacks on the market. The first systems used four external hydraulic pumps, they were later replaced by a central, powerful hydraulic unit due to their susceptibility to failure.

Even today, Goldschmitt’s high-quality hydraulic systems rely on the high reliability of a central pump unit that drives the oil circuit in the hydraulic system. Thus, the hydraulic power pack (12/24 V – 600 Watt) is the heart of the Goldschmitt system. This has the advantage that all the components such as motor, relay, tank and pump are needed only once. This saves weight, installation space, assembly and service time.

In addition, possible sources of interference are then reduced to a minimum. The pump unit of the Pro series works with an oil pressure of up to 180 bar. Depending on the vehicle, different tank volumes of up to 6 liters are available. The fact that the Pro series is one of the lightest support systems on the leisure market this is due to the weight-optimized pump unit, which in the standard version weighs just 8 kg. This weight reduction is achieved by innovative valve technology, which is not located on the hydraulic power unit but on the head of each lifting support in the Pro variant. Thanks to this unique technology and the compact design, the weight of the valves could be significantly reduced compared to normal valves integrated in the pump block.

Quality and safety set standards.

New sensors, improved air supply, waterproof connectors and optimized wiring harnesses – the AirDriveControl® is the highest quality air suspension control ever. A thermal sensor also monitors the temperature of the compressor, thus protecting the system from overheating.

The integration of a three-axis accelerometer also makes it possible to meet the increased safety requirements of vehicles with ESP. To make your journey even safer, the system performs a self-test every time it starts. With this self-diagnosis, any anomalies in the system are localized and displayed to the user via text message. In addition, it is possible to read the keypad without the need of connection to a  PC.

Tear-proof hose connections: Innovative technology with great effect.

Conventional jacks usually have two hose connections through which the hydraulic oil can flow in or out: one at the top and one at the bottom. If the hydraulic fluid flows through the upper hose connection into the interior of the cylinder, the piston is moved downwards, the oil flows through the lower connection and the piston rod moves upwards. This is the normal principle of a double acting differential cylinder.

Goldschmitt are breaking new ground in their Pro series jacks which can guarantee even greater reliability.

The piston rod of each Pro jack is hollow drilled. In addition to an enormous weight saving, the cavity serves as an oil channel. Thus, the hydraulic oil that pushes the piston up, also introduced at the head of the lifting support and passed through the interior of the piston rod down. Thanks to this technology, they can dispense with lower hose connections and ensure a tear-proof cable routing without external hoses. Hose damage caused by branches and flying stones can be avoided.

Protected installed hydraulic unit: No chance for rain and dirt.

Would you expose lawn mowers, garden furniture and barbecue to the weather if you had the opportunity to stow them undercover? You’re probably wondering what this topic has to do with lift support systems. More than you might think at first. There are various lifting support systems on the market whose pump unit is installed on the chassis.  The Pro Series lift-assist system has a central hydraulic power pack that is placed inside the motor home body or in a free storage compartment. This means the hydraulic pump of the Pro-Series is protected against environmental influences such as moisture, Road salt and dirt. This helps to avoid mechanical damage and prevents premature aging of the pump unit.

Exemplary safety concept: One safety valve for every lifting support.

On the Goldschmitt system the hydraulic valves are located on the head area of each hydraulic cylinder, this is a far safer place to locate this component.  An integrated safety valve on the head of each cylinder provides a permanently stable oil pressure in the hydraulic cylinders, thus preventing a sudden slumping of the supported vehicle. Leaks in the system as well as oil loss through defect or sabotage will not cause the cylinders to lose pressure. Through the integrated security or Check Valve, each single stroke cylinder of the Pro Series is protected against pressure drop.

Lifting support systems by other manufacturers usually do not include this due to cost reasons – unfortunately at the expense of safety. In contrast to commercially used systems, there are no regulations regarding the use of lifting supports in the leisure sector in terms of protection against leaks in the piping system. Commercial lifting systems, on the other hand, are subject to the strictest regulations. They must be designed so that the extended piston can never be moved unintentionally. This means that the system must be immune to burst or leaking hoses. This means the Pro series can not only be used in recreational vehicles but also in commercial vehicles.

Highest reliability: Hand pump as standard.

In the unlikely event that hydraulic pump ceases to operate due to loss of power or mechanical failure it is possible to operate the system manually. The Pro lifting system is fitted as standard with a hand pump on the hydraulic power unit. This allows the extended jacks to reliably retract with simple hand movements.

System with EMC test: Immune to electromagnetic interference.

Goldschmitt Pro Series Stroke Support Systems are tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The EMC test ensures that the functioning of a technical device is not disturbed or influenced by other devices with unwanted electrical or electronic effects. At the same time, it is ensured that the tested object also does not cause any interference with electromagnetic interference.

In other words, the Pro Series Goldschmitt Motorhome levelling system is not susceptible to external electrical and electromagnetic interference, and it does not actively affect any other devices electromagnetically. Thus, we can guarantee the smooth operation of the system in any environment.