Goldschmitt Air Suspension

Goldschmitt Full Air Suspension

Full air springs replace the standard steel springs and provide and excellent driving experience

Full Motorhome air suspension will provide a comfortable ride and also have a positive influence on the driving characteristics improving driving safety.

The air bellows, bracket and shock absorbers replace the conventional steel springs providing a more comfortable ride and improved handling characteristics. Especially with heavy motorhome or ambulance bodies full air springs have a positive effect on the overall driving behaviour.

Goldschmitt Motorhome Full air suspension improves body roll, provides far greater directional stability making the vehicle far less likely to break out while cornering

Full performance with four channels.

The operation of control options depends on whether you have a 2-channel air suspension only on the rear axle, or a complete air suspension.

If a vehicle is fitted with air springs on the front and rear axles there are more functions available than a vehicle that is equipped only with air springs just on the rear axle.

Unfortunately lifting and lowering the vehicle on the steel-sprung front axle is not possible. Therefore, features such as auto-level, sport mode or lateral lowering are reserved for 4-channel systems only.

Nevertheless, you will love the AirDriveControl®. Whether you have a 4-channel or a 2-channel system.

Simple operation with new functions.

The AirDriveControl® is a multifunctional control with some very useful unique features.

It has a user friendly 3.5 inch touch screen control, with simple functionality, the user is guided easily through the clear menu.

Depending on the system, the AirDriveControl® offers various standard functions as well as numerous new functions that make life easier.

For example, with the full air system the axle loads are displayed on the screen at the touch of a button.

Quality and safety set standards.

New sensors, improved air supply, waterproof connectors and optimized wiring harnesses – the AirDriveControl® is the highest quality air suspension control ever.

A thermal sensor also monitors the temperature of the compressor, thus protecting the system from overheating. The integration of a three-axis accelerometer also makes it possible to meet the increased safety requirements of vehicles with ESP.

To make your journey even safer, the system performs a self-test every time it starts. With this self-diagnosis, any anomalies in the system are localized and displayed to the user via text message. In addition, it is possible to read the keypad without the need of connection to a  PC.