Goldschmitt Air Assist

Additional air assist springs – the flexible solution.

Air suspensions can support overloaded standard springs and bring more comfort and safety into the chassis.

Motorhomes and many special vehicles can struggle with several design-related disadvantages: A converted vehicle can suffer from permanent poor load distribution; this can be the body itself or weighty installed equipment. Standard steel springs reach their limits quickly. They have the major disadvantage that they lose tension under continuous load and the suspension will no longer meet expectations.

A brand-new vehicle will still work reasonably well, but over time the aging leaf, coil or torsion bar springs will cause a significant loss of comfort and driving safety. The fatigue of the spring steel will cause the vehicle literally sags on the rear axle; the springs will sit on the axle bump stops. The remedy is to use additional air suspension. The flexible air springs raise the rear of your vehicle and provide more spring and ride comfort.

Make your motorhome roadworthy again.

Additional air springs are as the name implies and are installed in addition to the standard steel spring on the rear axle.  Unlike mechanical springs, air assist air bellows can be adjusted to raise and lower the rear end as necessary depending on the respective load

The air pressure can be easily controlled from the driver’s cab using the standard control unit and high-performance compressor. This makes it possible to permanently lift the rear of heavy motorhomes or commercial vehicles, or if needed, you can temporally raise the rear end making accessing ferry ramps easier.

Align one-sided loads quickly and efficiently

Although a lot of effort goes into the design of modern motorhomes, they can still be very difficult to balance, weighty interior furnishings such as the refrigerator, bed and kitchen unit can cause uneven weight distribution.

An uneven weight distribution on the transverse axis can cause unpleasant consequence. If the vehicle is additionally loaded on one side, loading differences are noticeable not only visually, but also in driving dynamics.

Uneven side levels cannot be corrected with rigid steel springs. The situation changes with an additional air suspension system. The flexible air bellows of the system are supplied with compressed air by two separate air circuits. With the aid of the standard 2-circuit control unit including dual manometer, the air pressure of both bellows can be read off and controlled separately.

Align one-sided loads quickly and efficiently

The electronic stability program (ESP) refers to an electronically controlled driver assistance system for motor vehicles, which counteracts the breaking out of the car by “locking up” individual wheels. Since 2011, this useful assistance system has been a must-have in new car and commercial vehicle models. As the safety of our customers comes first for us, we are particularly proud that all Goldschmitt air spring systems – whether additional or full air suspension – are ESP compatible and therefore can be operated with activated stability program.

Immune to electromagnetic interference

All Goldschmitt air suspensions are tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The EMC test ensures that the functioning of a technical device is not disturbed or influenced by other devices with unwanted electrical or electronic effects. At the same time, it is ensured that the tested object also does not cause any interference with electromagnetic interference.

In other words, the Pro Series Stroke Support System is not susceptible to external electrical and electromagnetic interference, and it does not actively affect any other devices electromagnetically. Thus, we can guarantee you in every environment a smooth operation of Goldschmitt air spring systems.

More payload thanks to air suspension

If the payload of your motorhome is not sufficient, with many types of vehicles a subsequent increase in the payload is possible. Auxiliary air suspension is a popular product to optimize the permissible total weight or axle loads. Prerequisite for a charge is a corresponding load test report for your vehicle model.

We will be pleased to advise you and to check for you whether a corresponding report is available for your vehicle and if a charge is possible. Also, please note that the payload of the tires and rims also plays an important role in an increase in load. Goldschmitt aluminum rims of the GSH or GSM series have very high payloads and are ideally suited for loading.

The air bellows of a supplementary air suspension are usually mounted between the original spring and the vehicle frame on the rear axle. This allows the air spring to support the standard steel springs. With the help of Goldschmitt custom-fit mounting brackets, the air suspension can be mounted easily and reliably. Depending on the vehicle type, double bellows, conical bellows or rolling bellows are used as spring elements. The flexible adjustment of the air pressure in the bellows allows the rear end of heavily loaded RVs, vans or commercial vehicles to be permanently raised. Motorhomes with an long rear overhang are more susceptible to tired or overloaded road springs

The operation of the system is very simple: With just one push of a button, the air bellows of the rear axle can be filled simultaneously. As a result, the rear of the vehicle is lifted torsion-free. If the motorhome should hang on one side after filling the bellows due to construction or loading, the higher side can be lowered with the push of a button.

Independent and flexible thanks to standard control panel and compressor

Each Goldschmitt additional air suspension systems includes a powerful compressor and a control unit including pressure gauges.

This conveniently allows the system to be adjusted from the driver’s cab. Gone are the days when you had to get the heavy compressor from the garage or even drive to the next petrol station to fill the air bellows.

Perfect look with vehicle-specific cockpit screens

As the motorhome industry is concerned not only with functionality but also with aesthetics, Goldschmitt offer specific cockpit covers for some vehicle types. These vehicle-specific controls are available for certain models of the Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit and Renault Master. In addition, a universal control unit is available which can be mounted in the dash board area.

Innovative solutions for overloaded front axles.

luxury class motorhomes suffer from enormous weight on the front axles. Fully integrated or luton top vehicles often must contend with the same design-related problems. Heavy windscreens, front berths and deep front aprons literally bring the vehicles to their knees and rapidly reduce ground clearance. Overloaded front suspension can affect the comfort and handling characteristics of the vehicle. This is remedied by Goldschmitt’s innovative auxiliary air springs, which were specially developed for the front axle of the Iveco Daily and the MAN TGL.

Additional air suspension for the front axle of the Iveco Daily

The revolutionary auxiliary air suspension for the front axle of the Daily is very popular with Iveco drivers. The powerful air bellows lift the front of the overloaded vehicles and ensure the best possible comfort and maximum safety. Additional wheel spacers are included helping to significantly improve handling, the Iveco Daily 60, 65 and 70C will achieve 74 millimetres, the model 50C will achieve 116 millimetres of additional track, which is reflected in better road holding and reduced side wind susceptibility.

The air suspension can easily be retrofitted to motorhomes with or without a height-adjusted cab. With the aid of the standard compressor including the cab control unit, you can conveniently control the air pressure in the bellows and re-adjust it at any time.

Front axle optimization for the MAN TGL

If a customer is looking for a modern base vehicle in the 7.5-tonne class, then the MAN TGL is a popular choice. The former “Truck of the Year” is the ideal basis for luxury motorhomes with its excellent handling characteristics and great economy. But good things can be made even better, which is why Goldschmitt technicians have developed additional air suspension for the front axle of the MAN TGL.

With this innovative system, the front axle can be precisely adjusted to the current vehicle weight, the road conditions or the individually desired driving experience. The air bellows draw their compressed air from the on-board compressed air system and are controlled by a cockpit control panel.