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Full Goldschmitt Motorhome air suspension installed on a Hymer Motorhome. This vehicle was slightly different to a normal motorhome air suspension installation as the customer wanted to upgrade the payload of the chassis. It is possible to upgrade a single rear axle ALKO chassis from 4500kg to 4800kg by having the Goldschmitt suspension system installed.
When installing a Goldschmitt air suspension system you remove the original suspension components. On a Fiat Ducato you remove the front MacPherson struts and replace them with custom units with a built-in airbag. On a rear Alko chassis you remove the torsion bar suspension and install additional torsion bar components and additional air bags.
Upon completion of these modifications Goldschmitt issue a new chassis plate showing the increased weight capacity.
In order to up the chassis weight of the motorhome you also must upgrade the wheels and tyres. Goldschmitt make a range of very nice wheels which not only look good but can carry more weight, the ones we fitted to this vehicle were rated at 1450Kg per wheel. Standard Motorhome tyres are 116 rated tyres, in order the up the motorhomes payload we installed 221 rated tyres.
By installing Goldschmitt air suspension you will benefit from the following improvements:
  1. Make it possible to upgrade the weight limit on your chassis allowing you to legally carry more weight.
  2. Goldschmitt say that by installing full air suspension it will improve the ride comfort by 45%. Having driven many motorhomes before we install the suspension upgrade, and then test drive them after the work is complete, the transformation is incredible. Body roll is dramatically reduced, over taking lorries on the motorway becomes more comfortable and safer. The unpleasant effect of potholes and bumpy roads if greatly reduced. Cornering at speed becomes safer.
  3. Another advantage is the ability to raise and lower the vehicle at the touch of a button, making boarding a ferry easier or loading the vehicle at a lower height. The suspension will also level the vehicle for those pitches with a slight incline.

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