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Sometimes I am just jealous at the adventures people are going on.  We were asked by Dometic to help their latest product ambassador, Mary Hannah and Andy from Expedition Rove.  Their Landrover 110 ‘Tango’ required a few upgrades to ensure they did not run out if power on their adventure.

The upgrade required Lithium batteries, solar and an inverter.  Dometic were keen to show off the new products offered by Buettner-elektronik.  We provided wiring diagrams and a required parts list to Dometic for the Beuttner components.  As this was not being designed as grid linked installation, we needed to make sure there were reliable ways to recharge the batteries.

This model Landrover was fitted with a smart alternator, to get the most of the split charge we installed a IUoU MT LB 90, this is a DC-DC charger designed to work with smart alternators and provide a charge current of 90 amps, you can also change the charging parameters for different battery types.

we installed Buettner solar panels, we were able to fit 340w using 2 panels.  The system was installed using a MT, MPP charge controller.  The solar yield was displayed using a MT iQ solar pro screen.

to power their induction hob and any necessary AC components we installed Dometic SinePower DSP 2012.  This unit will provide a 2000w pure sign wave output.

To store the power, we installed 2 x MT LI 120 lithium batteries.  These 2 batteries sat neatly under the bench seat. We also installed a MT 5000 iQ battery shunt with a display to inform them of the remaining charge, the charge currents, and the discharge currents of the batteries.

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