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Adria Twin Solar Installation

We were asked to install as much solar as possible on the roof of a new Adria Twin Motorhome. We managed 480w using 12 x 40w panels, theses were connected in series into 2 banks which were then connected in parallel, and where controlled by a Victron MPPT 150/60 smart regulator.

Adria Twin Solar Installation

To store all the energy produced by the solar system we installed a Fogstar 300ah battery. It is possible to fit a 300ah Fogstar battery under the passenger seat of a Adria Twin if you position it on its side.

Fogstar Lithium battery under the passenger seat of a Adria Twin

To charge the battery while driving we installed 2 Victron 30amp isolated Orions. The new Fiat Ducato smart alternator is problematic when upgrading the split charge, after testing different DC-DC transformers we found the only one that will continue to charge the house battery on a long trip is the Victron Orion.

Victron Orion split charge upgrade on a Adria Twin

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