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At RV Installations we specialise in the installation of products into Motorhomes,  Horseboxes and Expedition vehicles.

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At RV Installations we specialise in the installation of products into Motorhomes, Caravans, Horseboxes and Expedition vehicles.
Our main area of expertise is in Power Management and uninterrupted power supplies. If you would like to be off grid then we can not only make this possible but we can make it reliable

As we a have proven track record, we can design a bespoke power management to fit any requirement.
If you would like to travel without the need of plugging into a mains supply we can upgrade your vehicle to make it work. If you would like to operate AC appliances such as air-conditioning systems, computer systems, microwaves or battery chargers we can design a system to allow reliable operation.

Solar Panel Installations

What We Do

We install solar

The more solar you can fit on your roof the better. We can install any size of solar array but recommend if you have room to install a minimum of 120w. We have installed systems up to 1100 watt, but we advise that if you want to be off grid with only DC requirements a system between 200 watt and 275 watt would be ideal. If you want to be off grid with AC requirements then we need to install the maximum amount of panels you can fit on your roof.

We install Air-conditioning.

We install systems by Dometic, Webasto and Truma. These can be 24v or 230v. They can be roof mounted, dash mounted or under bunk. We will discuss you requirements, decide which unit will best suit your needs and install it professionally.

We install heating.

We can offer gas central heating and water heating using Alde products. Blown air heating and water heating using Truma, Whale or Propex products. Diesel blown air or water heating using Webasto products.

We install awnings.

The choice of awning will depend on the make and model of your vehicle. We will also need to take into account whether you would like to install a room on the awning as this will affect the model and the positioning of the awning. We can install Dometic awnings, Thule awnings and Fiamma awnings.

We install refillable gas systems.

We can either install refillable gas bottles or under slung gas tanks. Replacing your original gas bottles with refillable cylinders is the simplest option, but if you wanted to use the gas locker for additional storage or increase your capacity then an under slung tank is the only option. If you are converting a van, installing an under slung tank is a good option as it negates the need for a correctly installed gas box which would need to be installed to the vehicle to meet gas regulations. We are GAS SAFE registered so you can be sure the installation is installed correctly and meets all current requirements.

Latest testimonial.

In September 2022 the main electrical control unit under the floor of our Motorhome failed, there was significant fire damage to both the unit itself and wiring connected to it. We were left without any 12 volt or mains functions, no water pump, lighting or battery charger.

I contacted a number of Motorhome workshops, the majority did not respond to my contact and those who did respond told me that the repair work was beyond their expertise. Our Motorhome is a large unit with complex electronics including four solar panels, lithium batteries and an integrated mains inverter.

The RV Installations responded promptly to my call, I spoke to Tom Donovan,  The Motorhome was booked in promptly and the work has now been completed to my great satisfaction, specifically:

Staff at the workshop were unfailingly friendly and courteous, my experience and knowledge as an owner was respected and my detailed requirements were taken into account as the work progressed.

Despite the complexity of a replacement  electrical installation, the system has operated without fault after the work was completed.

Tom Donovan is unduly modest regarding his knowledge and skills, I was unable to find any other professional prepared to take on this work.

Given the amount of work required and the high quality of Victron equipment installed, the overall cost was very reasonable.

I have no connection with RV Installations other than being a satisfied customer.

Brian Williams

We are proud to announce we have been assigned as a Goldschmitt dealer for the UK and Ireland. If you would like more information please contact 01271 542424.